This is Writing for Leaders…

Leaders often sound less like themselves, more like a press release. I help busy senior people to be compelling and human and genuine – via blogs, speeches, presentations, articles and notes for panel discussions.

All my clients would prefer to write their own material. They work with me because they lack the time.

I help leaders and their teams think through what to say (tone as well as content). Sometimes I also do their writing for them. In every case the job is to help them use their own voice so as to persuade.

I also help them change their organisation – by investigating its culture, and helping them refine their leadership skills (for more see About Jamie).

Clients have included the Chairman of Kingfisher plc, the CEO of Heidrick & Struggles, London University, Shire Pharmaceuticals. My/their words have been heard around the world – from Davos to Djibouti to Dagenham.

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